Mother of the Year

I know I’m only seven months on the job,  but I am ready to accept my “Mother of the Year” award. But if I were going to choose a category to win- I guess it would have to be for … Continue reading

Milk Marathon

I’m still on the low supply bandwagon over here. That’s me (symbolically) up there. Old 102 barely trudging along. I’ve talked to a representative from my local chapter of La Leche League as well as a lactation consultant at the … Continue reading

Milk Mist: Supply, Cycle & Fustration

If you’re not cool with reading about menstruation, skip this post. Seriously, just turn away. Now. I did warn you. Soooooo, TMI time. I think my period is coming back. Almost seven months postpartum. But I’m on the mini pill, which … Continue reading

Office Tabata

You haven’t lived until you’ve done squats with overhead press using a ream of copy paper as weight. While I was doing just that last week,  it occurred to me that working out in the office is actually not easy. … Continue reading

Family Portraits

It only took me six months to organize my life (and the lives of two other people) to get us all in the same place at the same time to have our pictures taken. And these are the results. We … Continue reading

On the Importance of Extra Crib Sheets

3 AM Gibson starts cooing in his crib. I hear him over the scratchy monitor. Even without the monitor, I could hear him. He was very much awake. But he’s not upset. Maybe he will settle himself back to sleep. … Continue reading

Letters to Gibson: Six Months

Dear Gibson, SIX MONTHS! I can’t believe you’re already six months old. You’re not a newborn at all these days. You’re a little person with preferences and opinions. You don’t like green beans or sweet potatoes. You LOVE squash and … Continue reading

The Art of the Ooze: Co-Sleeping

So I’ve given up on actually reading these days. I’ve started listening to books on tape (CD really, but books on tape sounds better in my mind.) But with all the energy I can muster, I do occasionally try to … Continue reading

The Six Month Strip

I’ve been using cloth diapers since Gibs was born. And I have only ever used Rockin Green detergent. I think it’s serving its purpose well. But despite using the special detergent and avoiding diaper creams with cloth diapers (I use … Continue reading

That’s What I See…

“Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?” If you haven’t read this book to your kid by now, you must not live in America. It’s just a classic in my neck of the woods. And the best/worst part is … Continue reading